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Our Story

We here at Twin Springs believe in providing the best experience for you and your family. Our mission is, and always has been, to create memories and experiences unlike any other.

The Business of Family

Twin Springs Campsite and Resort was opened in 1965 by John and Lilian Statz. Their dream from the start was to create a great campground for families from near and far. The Statz family had owned the campsite through numerous different generations and now, they hand over the reins to a new family of owners.   


With new owners, the Myren and Sheahan families, taking the wheel, we will work effortlessly to provide the best experiences possible.  


Beautiful Wisconsin Landscape

Located North of Menomonie Wisconsin, Twin Springs Campsite and Resort is located in the drift-less area of the Red Cedar River. This area treats the visitor with breathtaking sites, marvelous landscapes, and vast wilderness.

Area of Entertainment

When you spend time at Twin Springs Campsite and Resort, you have a variety of fun activities to do on and off our site. Menomonie, and the surrounding area, is full of many different attractions including:


- Lucette Brewing Company

- Cottage Winery and Vineyard

- Leinenkugel's Leinie Lodge

- Caddie Historical Park 

- Numerous Crystal Caves and Mines

- Durand Brewing Company

And so much more!

Check out the link below to learn all about the area as well as local events and attractions! 

Explore Menomonie



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